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 They're the same size as normal blue bells, and we read up that there was some found down in england somewhere, and that they're extremely rare. Just wondering if anyone has anymore information on them, or any idea as to why they have appeared in our garden? 

There is about 6 little groups of them. We're certain that they are native and not of the Spanish variety. 



Hi, I'm sure cufcskim is right, but appreciate them for how pretty they are, I've got some in my garden and I love them


I have these growing in my garden along with the pink and blue

Sorry but these are Spanish bluebells which come in blue, white and pink, which are hybriding with the native blue one and will gradually wipe them out as they are more vigorous and promiscuous.

I have LOADS of these growing in my garden. There were 2 or 3 little groups about 4 years ago which have now multiplied. Have just seen loads of little bulbs/seed pods on ground around these so next year should have even more!



Not rare at all, I'm afraid. English bluebells often come in white, but never, ever in pink.

Those are definitely Spanish imposters.

Oakley Witch

I think they are loverly and will now be stashing all my blue ones so I can make my millions later hehe 

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