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This rose bush is 8 years old and always produces masses of lovely creamy white flowers. This years buds are dark pink! Why?????


I have a white rose that is doing the exact same thing, except its a spotting of pink. I also have a yellow rose spotted pink as well.

I can only put this down to the unusual weather unless anyone else has more experience with this?

Alina W

It's generally due to rain. When we get some dry weather and sunshine, they will revert to pure white, or whatever their original colour.


Fingers crossed for some sunshine then

Thank you


Alina W

Not sure that I was absolutely clear there - I meant that the new blooms will be the correct colour - I'm not sure that the spotted ones can change. But the pink buds will probably open to white if it stays dry.


A friend that is a great rose grower told me once if the rose is stressed it will change colour.The Mary rose she had should be white but on the same plant it had pink flowers as well, it flowered white the next year.

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