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I sewed a couple of boxes of mixed wildflower seed about 10 days ago. Some regular looking seedlings have appeared plus quite a few shoots that look like odometer kind of grass. Does that sound right or could it be grass somehow left behind when we dug the border?

Oh no! My little box was only £2 :-/  it promibad various types of flower on the box though!

Oh god...promised. Bleeding autocorrect.


And some grasses are very useful to insects - particularly some butterflies.


Lets hope they do turn into something otherwise I'll have to dig it all out and start again. 

Dove I have quite a phobia of butterflies so if I end up attracting them I'll be admiring my garden from the window!


Oh dear - how difficult and sad for a gardener - I know that phobias can cause real problems - have you tried any therapy? 


Perhaps a wildflower mix wasn't the best choice for you Kirsty 

No I just try to avoid them at all costs, or shut my eyes and pretend they're not there!

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