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Hi there,

I am thinking about buying a raised bed, which is only 6 inches deep but almost 2 metres x almost 1 metre in other dimensions .  How deep do you need a bed for wild flowers and veg to grow successfully? and when can I plant the wildflower seeds or do I need to create seedlings? and do you have any other recommendations of what I can grow in it, which creates impact and colour?  Maybe mixed bed?  (I have two 3 year old boys!)  Thanks gang - new to this planting things lark

Hi all, my first post on the forum, hooray!

I've gone a little OTT on wildflowers this season, having gathered a bit of experience & mixed success last year (all prompted by a TV prog. by Sarah Raven).

Was very pleased with a mixed colour Cornflower (sorry, can't remember variety) which had successive blooms which the bees/butterflies loved. Corncockle was also great but a little short-lived, Californian Poppies almost impossible to germinate, suprisingly. This year have many of the above, some sown under cover in September, but also added Scabious which are at a vigorous stage of growth & nearly ready to plant out. BUT lots got gobbled by sluggsies in 2012 so  I've raised nearly all in pots & have started planting out over last 10days. I know many people find wildflowers a bit 2nd rate, but I for one am hooked!

What surface will the raised bed be put on? I'm asking because if the maximum depth is 6", that will limit the types of veg you can grow. Salads, for example, would be fine in 6", but a lot of other veg would struggle, I fear.

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