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Does anyone know the name of this flower I spotted along a lane near us?


I find it difficult to ID a flower like that. I like to see them growing, to see the leaves, the height and where it's growing

Try again nut... hopefully can make them out. Very few of them, about 2ft high growing in some long grass...

Perhaps be easier when they are in flower? 🤔


It looks rather like Valeriana officinalis but 2 foot is a bit short for that


Young plant? First time ive seen it to be honest. The leaves do look like the plant you say when i google it. I will check on the flowers in a few days to see whether they are scented?


The scent from V. officinalis is lovely. I always think it's nicer if you don't stand too close. Might they have been cut earlier and having a second try at flowering? that would account for the lack of height and the lateness. Mine are over.

Quite possibly, maybe rabbits have had a chew! We are in Derbyshire above 1000ft; would this affec? Short season? It's nice to find new plants growing you havent seen before and hearing their name is a bonus 😁


A different world from the Fens 

I'm just over the border in Cheshire, also over 1000ft and mine has only come into flower in the last week. I moved mine in from my sheep field, it grows in just a few places round here.


I'm sure you're right nut, it looks just like true valerian. My valerian officinalis plant is about 6ft tall but it was already 2ft when I bought it. Though this year, both my foxgloves and hollyhocks are shorter than normal, I think through it being a dry year?


the dry spring made for some rather short buttercups in the meadow, Fishy. I think the Valerian is short as well but foxgloves seem normal

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