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I have no idea where I bought it, so my research is useless really. However I find it quite amusing that the wildflower mix is almost 100% rape flowers and dill; very yellow and frondy green!



Alina W

Unless it was a yellow mix I'd avoid the brand in future (if it has one) - sounds like a deliberate con.

I agree, so I will only sow named seeds. I live and learn, it is at least bright.

Thanks for heads up. I shall buy separate seeds packets.  

I have perennial wild flowers, but this year

I  tried a small annual wild flower bed i scattered my own varied seeds.

poppies, cornflower, phacelia, knapweed, agrostema, and (carrot for ferny leaf effect )

and what did i get ? PHACELIA !!!

          thank goodness the bees liked it!



Patty, phacelia is often sold as a green manure as it is useful for smothering weeds so that probably explains why none of the other seedlings grew.

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