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hi all

i planted willow tree cuttings for firewood last winter  They have grew very well  I have been told that at the end of the first year they will grew better if they are coppiced or pollarded  I dont know what these are or how to do it or what benefits there would be  Is there anyone who can explain to me what is the best way to make the willow grow best in their second year and what these mean  Many thanks


Coppicing is cutting back everything to ground level. (or a few inches above)

Pollarding is the same thing but cutting back to higher up the trunk. Both are very good ways of managing willow for firewood.

Cutting them back promotes even more growth and in the future you get nice straight poles suitable for logging


Once made a secluded sitting area using willow cuttings.  Open one side to the sun, semi circle.  


I have willow trees but I prefer to pollard them simply because I find it easer to cut them standing 

also some of the thick straight branches I keep as bean pole etc. The rest I burn on the fire 

Yorkshire Rose

If you don't use it all for burning, you could sell some of the 'whippy' growth for willow weaving or for living willow tunnels/hedging/domes. Lots of people I know have been doing willow weaving courses and they often have trouble trying to get their hands on enough willow. Pencil thickness is best.

Yorkshire Rose , I will bear that in mind for next year 

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