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how do I go about taking cuttings and planting on willow?


Take cutting about 12 inches long from last years geowth. They should be about the thickness of a pencil. The bottom of the cutting should be just bellow  a leaf node. plunge the cutting into a pot of compost or directly into the ground, with about 6 inches of shoot buried. By autumn they should have rooted and can be planted out next sspring.


Willow cuttings root incredibly easily.  I give our contorted willow a hard hair cut around now each year, and put some of the shoots in water in a vase to loook nice for a couple of weeks, and they invariably root.  I have also dumped some in a trug full of rain water and they have always rooted well too.  Go for it, they will do well.

If I take willow cuttings now will I be able to plant them out next spring?



With most willows if you stick a hardwood cutting, any lump of willow, any diameter, in the ground this side of winter you have a rooted plant coming into leaf in spring. This probably doesn't apply to weaker willows like 'Flamingo'

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plant pauper

Or if you lop untidy bits off and forget and leave them lying..they'll root too. 


also true

privet does that as well

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