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     We have what purports to be a Japanese willow which is growing at an angle of 45 degrees in a southerly direction. From the base of the tree on the north side shoots have sprouted bearing weeping willow leaves which look nothing like the Japanese willow leaves - could someone please advise what is happening?




Brian Arnopp


Is it grafted Brian?

I don't think so - I can take some shots tomorrow and post them. It was here when we bought the house 12 yrs ago. 


Is it one of those variegated trees with a lot of white/pink in the leaves? If so it will be grafted and have grown suckers from the rootstock


That's was my thinking as well Nut...


Don't recall white/pink but will upsdate in the morning


I don't know what a japanese willow is to be honest but looked at some pics and they were all those highly variegated things.










 Apologies for delay . as you can see what is sprouting from the original trunk appears to be different. The image of the top of the trunk doesn't seem to show any grafting but then I am not an expert. Thoughts please?


Best Rgds,



Is your original tree a Pussy Willow (Goat Willow).  The leaves and bark look like the one I have but the leaves on the shoots growing from the trunk look as if they are Weeping Willow being thinner and more pointed.  You could just remove them like you do with Rose suckers.


Thanks Betty - - I believe the original is a Japanese willow but I am curious as to why a weeping willow is growing from it.


Hi Brian, that doesn't look like a weeping willow, but the species is irrelevant. Fancy varieties of willow, variegated ones and drooping ones are grafted on to a stronger growing willow. The variegated ones aren't strong growers on their own roots.   

If the bit below the graft puts out shoots they will be much stronger and take over.

The long leaves belong to the new growth and the short ones to the old so they are distinctly different - from what I understand about grafts I would have expected to see some evidence of that at the top of the tree but there isn't (see the last photo above)


the graft maybe at the bottom. Cut off the ones that aren't what you want, right backto the base.

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