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1jct I just pop them in a wide half depth pot of compost, barely below the surface, they seem to grow the first 4 inches without any effort at all. If you are only growing them for a week a north facing window should be fine. You can get at least 20 in a 6 inch pot.

wow Pam beautiful pictures! They look fantastic - I won't bother putting pictures of my window boxes on now I've seen yours - fantastic

like you Kate was looking at packets of seeds in the pound shop today  - en route to something else - and looking at all the different flowers there I was getting the old rush of adrenalin! So I think I will find the motivation to start the cycle rolling again

It also means if you start in September you have green growing things all over your flat all the way through the winter which is so uplifting

I *DO* love moaning about the weather tho - I'm very British like that!


grai pleased to hear it moan about the weather as much as you like just do not let it stop you gardening.


Wow Thank you Kate123, I will give this a go, can I grow them through the year? So many questions I know. So much to learn!

I have found this blog inspiring. so good to know there are like minded eople out there. I'm a happy girl. xx

hollie hock

grai- It's been rubbish for all of us. The best feeling  is looking at flowers that you have grown from seed. There's a few  of my Cosmos out today!

I can't resist packets of seed, so many possibilities



I have to say things are getting worse! I've just been out on my balcony - most of the annuals have given up struggling and started dying

 there are still plants out there which have yet to produce their first flowers

The marigolds by my front door are a positive eyesore - I'm mean its not even as tho they are looking a bit sorry for themselves  - both boxes just look like a few dying weeds - my postman must go past and think "whats he put that there for?"

 Usually I spend the summer looking at my flowers and going "aaaahhh"

this year I look and go "ugh"

 I think I'll admit defeat and put the lot in the bin - just to make it tidy to sit out there


grai I have spent all week composting sad looking seedlings, last year I had fabulous zinnias but most of this years never made it.

Reading through this makes we wonder why some people bother-don't think I have read a more depressing thread-things can't be that bad surely?

We can't do anything about the weather-but we live in England-what do you expect-I have seen some lovely garden pictures on this forum-so not everybody is in the same boat.

As I wrote on my first posting of the thread  - we are happily moaning 

Read the thread again and you'll realise its mostly jokey constructive comments about the down side of gardening which EVERYONE experiences

you have been fortunate to have had a typical English summer

where we live we have had months of record breaking cold wet weather

that's what the thread is about



So I am not allowed an opinion then?-I didn't notice the happily moaning bit- just the moaning bit.


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