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hello, am debating whether to buy a few Winter Flowering Jasmine (Yellow flowered) to put in very large containers on the patio.

my question is this -- will they grow well in containers ??


thanks, shazza  



I don't see why you couldn't grow one in a container but they do get big and they need to be tied to something if you want upright.

hi there yes i have one in a container and grows up my fence on my patio just need to keep it in shape and trained, i just wrap the pot in winter in cold weather to stop the roots freezing. brilliant looking shrub with great colour

hope that helps

hiya, thanks for the replies, didn't realise they were climbers thought they were shrubs.

would i need to put in a obelisk or support before planting ???

flowering rose

They will need support as you train it upwards and this year mine grown as part of a hedge looks really good poking out through the snow.I saw one growing upwards by a front door it looked good,it was planted in the ground and was cut into a square shape as it grew ,I cant see why not in a container.

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