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Hi there,

I have an ugly west facing fence that I want to hide. I have 7 pink roses (3 climbers) to plant here and will put some nepeta in front for ground cover. 

My question is, what could I grow behind them to get some fence cover over winter? 


Thanks for the reply. Would Ivy drown out the roses or would it be controllable? Any species?

Ashleigh 2

There are some evergreen clematis you could try and a winter flowering one, I think is called 'Freckles' 

Yes Ashleigh Cirrhosa (sp) Freckles is evergreen, also comes in white.



Underplant with bulbs and corms maybe.

A beautiful yellow ivy,called Buttercup would look nice there.  It really is a lovely butter yellow.  

Or, how about solanum alba?  Evergreen with white flowers in summer and autumn.  Would set off your roses pretty well I think 

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