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I've just mowed my lawn - in the dark and at about 6°C.

Any reason why that could be a problem?



Do your neighbours give you odd looks?


If the cars with blue lights turn up-don't answer the door

Gary Hobson

If anyone has a noisy petrol mower, then I would much prefer them to cut the lawns after dark, while I'm watching telly, than to disturb the peace on a Sunday afternoon.

It's very thoughtful and considerate of you.


Phytographer, i have done that too but the stripes were all over the place. But, if a job needs doing it needs doing.......

Some people go out with a torch after dark to catch slugs and snails, so I think you'll be OK but don't make a habit of it.


Phytographer; Do you wear a miners torch, attached to your forehead?

I must say tho I like your style phytographer

I'd be sure to leave the lawn and mow the borders - but otherwise I can see no reason why not, though it sounds a tad chilly for me ..............

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