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I am in the process of thinking about winter planting, (first winter being organised) and wondered what your opinions are regarding buying from online suppliers or from Garden Centres regards to price and quality.  If find the largest DIY have large deliveries but are not always looked after once on sale. 

Would appreciate your opinons.




It depends on what you are planning to grow - if you need a lot of winter bedding then it is cheaper to buy plugs and grow them on yourself.When I buy bulbs I like to see what I am buying.Then again if I want to buy unusual varieties I would  go to a specialist bulb supplier


I try to avoid the DIY centres as I find them quite expensive, if you just want plants try to find a local nursery ( I found a good one by accident last month). I have in the past bought plugs online, good for value and quality but the variable delivery dates can cause problems.


I have ave done much successful plant shopping on line, especially if you want something special then often a specialist nursery that deals mostly in that plant is the better option, many of those deal on line and I have found them very good.  The more general catalogues are very variable, some of the most commonly found in magazines are often very dodgy.  If you can find a good nursery where planting, cuttings and sowing gets done on site, this is the very best bet.   For ordinary bedding, especially summer bedding, decent garden centres and larger supermarkets can be a good bargain.   Outdoor markets can be good, but often the plants have been kept indoors and get very shocked when they suddenly find themselves outdoors, especially in colder or windy weather.  

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