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There is nothing written on your post.

I would like to find out which plants or shrubs I can plant in my garden. The soil is quite alkaline
Am I too late to cut shrubs and bushes back?
Kam Kang wrote (see)
Am I too late to cut shrubs and bushes back?

Which shrubs and bushes exactly?


I don't know the names of the bushes or shrubs

This makes it tricky-do they flower and if so when?

I bought my house two years ago and the garden was so over grown, I think the previous owners did not do any gardening for at least a few years. So my husband and I did a lot of work in the garden only to find out it use to be a beautiful garden at one point. So we do not know where to start with in the garden because everything we planted died. Now we don' know what to plant in our garden as the soil is alkaline .
Also there is a big cedar tree and the garden does not get much sunlight

I think it would help if you gave an idea of scale and what sort of garden and shrubs you would like-a picture is also helpful

Soil type is not always crucial

What died?

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