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Hi all

I have a 4 inch gap,running down the side of my path. It's not able to have soil in,as my neighbours fence won't allow.

It seems such a waste of space.I can't get narrow enough troughs to go there. ..are there any tall plants,that would be happy in a 4 inch pots,with shallow roots?

It's in full Sun. Thanks all


I have a similar space but unfortunately it's on the north side of the wall so in shade ... if it was in sun all day I'd put some gravel there and grow sedums and sempervivums there as I did in a similar space at a previous home. 

There's a thought, but I'd like a bit of height, too. 


Aeoniums, especially Aeonium atropurpureaum 'Schwarzkopf' would look fine with the other succulents I mentioned and  give you some height ... although you'd have to keep them in pots and take them indoors to overwinter.  

Ah, OK. Wishful thinking it would be suitable! 



If your soil is thin and free draining, you could try Linaria Purpurea. Another pink one 'Canon Went'. 

How about something like 'Honesty'?  Lunaria annua, sown straight into the soil?  Give you height, pretty purple flowers, those lovely papery silver 'moons' throughout autumn, and seeds for next year!  It sows itself very readily.  Doesn't need much depth or cossetting.

With a neighbour's fence giving shelter and height and probably  some shade depending on it's height at one side, you need to give some thought to this.  

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It's concrete, so has to be a container. Some nice suggestions. I've bought some pink Heather's, and put them in deep pots, and lavender which they were selling off cheap, 6 for £4.i need some deeper pots for the lavender, but they will need moving in time! 

I will put pictures on, when it's light, so you can see what I mean

Ah, right, Kathy, see what you mean.  It's going to have to be containers, then.  Lavender isn't long-lived, either in pots or in soil, so think hard about that one.

Do you have the opportunity to make the 'bed' wider, or will that cut into your lawn?  Tricky, but not insurmountable......thinking caps on! 

No, we are stuck with it as it is, unfortunately! 


Try thinking laterally and attach decent window boxes for balconies to the top of the fence and grow plants that will trail down   I think asking anything to grow in a pot or trough just 4" wide is very optimistic except for the afore-mentioned sedums, sempervivums and aeoniums.

Putting things on the fence isn't possible, it's wire, and next doors fence. God help me if I did anything to it! 

Dovefromabove probably has the best idea ; trouble free low maintenance succulents for the summer months ; multicolored plants in terra-cotta pots would look good .

Aeoniums , Crassulas , Echeverias etc . especially the white 'bloomed' varieties . A nice gritty growing medium would reduce overwatering risks posed by heavy rainfall ; just remember to keep away from the worst of any frosts .

I take it you don't see 'eye to eye' with your neighbours then !

I will post a pic, it's hard to explain. Too dark now


She makes a drama out of everything. It's not worth it! 


Kind of you to register a vote of confidence Edd but I think your gallantry is unneeded ... I've a feeling it's the OPs neighbour who has the dramatic tendencies (although I did once have a part in A MidSuffolk Night's Dream  three evening performances and a matinee).

Edd says:

Isn't it awful when you have to fear thy neighbour! 

Perhaps try growing some (box hedge) BALLS on your side.

With your neighbours permission of course.

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 Think I'll stick with pot plants! 

Edd says:
Kathy43 says:

She makes a drama out of everything. It's not worth it! 

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 Dove has never been like that Kathy43 . You must be mistaken

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 Ha ha, I don't believe dove could be as dramatic as her.

She used to go mad if my runner beans went on her side. She would throw them on to our lawn! Our neighbour, not dove! 

I'd of just eaten them!

She stands in the window all day, watching everything. If a have a delivery, it's the highlight of her day. It's quite off putting when your in the garden