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I want to plant a wisteria Royal Blue next Spring and would like advice on where to plant it. I know they need lots of sunshine and sheltered area. I have two walls that I could plant it on. 
1. South East Facing wall with lots of sunshine but an exposed area which sometimes gets strong winds. 
2. North West Facing wall which gets some sunshine but not as much which is less exposed and more sheltered. 
Which wall do you think would be best to plant it?

Doghouse Riley

We've several wisterias, they face South , West and North. They all do as well as each other.

South East facing is the best option. But it isn't essential, put it where you want it.  They are quite resilient and grow rapidly. They need careful training or they'll take over. If you want it to climb, nip of any more than three branches growing from the root.

Make sure it is well supported on the wall. If you have the room grow it over  a pergola.

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Wisteria need good sunshine to flower well so I'd go for south east given that they flower in mid to late spring.   They will flower sporadically in August too if they have enough sun.

I had one in my Belgian garden which grew up a north-south trellis and was planted on the westerly side - so exposed to the prevailing winds despite being against a south facing wall.  It spread happily to the easterly side and was exposed to winds from Siberia in winter.   It did take it a couple of years to get established but was lovely once it got going and made a fabulous pool of perfume.

My roses and clems on the northwesterly side of the house were selected for partial shade and also flowered later on in the season when the sun was still up as it got round that side and could also get some very early morning sun.   Don't think it would have worked for a wisteria.

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