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My wisteria died off this year (12 yrs old) and I have cuttings, grown to around 12 inches tall in pots. Can anyone tell me when I could transfer them into the ground?


Spring and autumn are the usual planting times. I've had success with both. It depends how well developed your cuttings are.


Many thanks, that's great, they're well rooted.


Now is a great time to put them in the ground as it is mild enough for root growth before winter.



Yes, if your cuttings have plenty of root I'd plant them now while the soil is warm - the plants will have a couple of months to establish themselves before the really cold wet inhospitable weather sets in.

If you plant them in the spring you'll be planting into cold wet soil - which would you prefer? 


If I were to get a wisteria cutting and plant them, would they flower by next spring? Are they a fast growing and slow growing hedge plant?


They're a fast growing climber that can, with skill and attention, be trained as a standard type tree.   Many take years to get to flwoering maturity and they need pruning in July and January to encourage the formation of the flowering buds.

Not a hedge plant.

I planted a Wisteria about 6 yrs ago, it is very leafy and about 8ft tall but even though it is pruned every time the leaves fall there is no sign of flowers,anyone know what I am doing wrong


Probably nothing, Shugs. Wisteria can take more than 6 years to bloom. I've known them yet to bloom after 10 years. Very frustrating things, Wisteria. One thing they do need is masses of sun.

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