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The curb between my house and road is woodlandy - 3 lime trees and 1 copper beech, with holly and laurel shrubs, the odd fern plus ivy ground cover (and until recently nettle and bramble).  I'm wanting to add in a few plants to brighten it up, although accepting it will always look fairly wild.

I've bought some bulbs - bluebells, snowdrops, miniture daffs, crocus - that will go in this month.  Is there anything else anyone can suggest?  I've got a bright pink Calico Bush in my garden that looks gorgeous and having read it's a woodland plant I though I'd see if I can propogate a bit of that and push it in.  Which made me think is there anything else similar that'd look as lovely.

Soil is clay.  Needs to be low maintanence.  Novice gardener so feel free to suggest "obvious" things

Thanks very much

flowering rose

depending on how you like it and it can look stunning is bugle the deep blue variety,violets can be lovely but spread madly or wood sorrel white both will spread .I have clay soil and these grow everywhere.If its woodland style try foxgloves they look stunning and easy to grow.

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