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I'd be interested in learning new information


I'm sure I'd find at least some of it very interesting - we live in the centre of the area being badly affected by Ash Dieback, and have two large ash trees in our garden which we're very fond of, so any information on that in particular would be interesting. 

We have it here in the midlands too, very sad


  • Provided it was pertinent, concise, not more than two paras nor  more than two years out of date, it could be worthy of consideration.


Mike just get on and do it, you don't need posters permission, you'll soon know if posters are interested as it will promote discussion, if it doesn't lets not have an inquest into why no one posted on the thread or why they did .



The young Ash I have in my garden was quite badly affected by die-back in 2012/13. However this year there is not a sign of it,the tree has never looked healthier 



The Swansong of ancient Greek literature maybe?

PS liked the poetical stuff very much.


Hopefully not pansyface. And thank you for your very kind comment 

I'm hoping the Ash will continue rallying against this nasty disease. Let's hope enough trees can develop a resistance to it. In fact nature is rarely responsible for a species to be entirely wiped out. Some colonies of rabbits developed immunity to myxomatosis when us humans introduced this awful disease.So here's hoping for a similar outcome with the ash tree.

Besides,I know a very poor taste joke about myxomatosis which I'm not going to repeat here 


Oh go on. I love a joke in poor taste.


If you don't want to tell it here, what about a new thread

We did have a jokes thread. Can't remember what it was called though so won't be able to find it.

How about a new one called  'Poor Taste'?

I like jokes but I can't remember them

I just posted a Chicken joke on Hello Forkers but it was in good taste

I agree with Nutcutlet......a new joke thread would be fun........each one could always have a warning similar to those we see plastered over everything these days.......or could carry a rating........X......XXX........Really Bad, etc


OK I relent.

I was walking past a rabbit warren the other day when I saw a rabbit on the grass,shuffling his feet together.

I said 'what are you doing Mr Rabbit?'

He said.......





I'm mixing my toesies 



It may be offensive to rabbit lovers? 

Orchid Lady

Oh dear Fishy......LOL!!!  I do love rabbits, but I'll let you off because I like you too and don't think you would want to offend anyone 


Aww thanks OL 


LOL Mike!!  Nice one

Mike let's have the info but keep it simple , not to much jargon 

don't known if I'd be interested until you tell us

best wishes

Ps. Terrible joke