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Hi all! I am very much a new gardener and would love to know your thoughts on whether or not to divide this 3 year old Lupin or should I leave it another year? Also when is the best time to divide?.Thanks! 



Lupins never last very long with me. They  usually come true from seed, so if you want more I would take some seeds off and sow them singly in 3inch pots next spring. From an early sowing they will often flower the first year.


I would sow seed as well. Don't think you can divide lupins as they don't like root disturbance and I think they have a tap root.


Virtually impossible to divide. Either sow seed or take cuttings in early spring.

oooooooo. i divide lupins every year

success is variable.  best in summer.  just pull apart and repot asap

prob 25% success in autumn...40% if in late spring



I stand corrected. Thankyou Verdun you learn something new everyday.

hollie hock

Hi Cheryl, yours looks nice and healthy with loads of flowers. I do think they depreciate over the years though. I took cuttings at the beginning of April off one of mine that looked as if it was struggling a bit. The oringinal plant now looks better for it and the cuttings are doing well.


Hi everyone - thanks for all your comments (and sorry for the sideways photo - oops). 

I think I will try some cuttings and collect some seeds as well. And I might even try and divide it next year just to see what happens. As usual you have been a huge help!  

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