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Lulu that is a cracker  Just hope you don't any rain, mine are different colour but everytime one opens it gets battered.


Gorgeous LuLu - is it a self seeder?


Papaver somniferum.... opium poppy. Once you have them ,you will always have them. I gather seed to try and keep them where i want them.


Wow indeed.  They are standing so perfectly upright and straight as well.  Gorgeous.  How on earth do you achieve that?  I have to stake mine.


Self seeded ones tend to be stronger growing .........but heavy rain can certainly knock the flowers about

Mine have buds but not opened yet.

As Kef says...........a real cracker..........congrats


that's pretty fine Lulu


Beautiful  I want one.  Mine are very ordinary compared to yours Lulu.

Lovely Lulu.  Dont grow any poppies but I now want to  make a bed for them ....poor soil and sun....if I can re-arrange it a little.  


it sure is a cracker. 

I broadcast some seeds along the edge of the polytunnel into the "scalping" and now have a fine show of seedlings coming up.

star gaze lily

Oh wow indeed Lulu, that is beautiful.  Want one! 

Lulu The Lurcher

Don't know where it came from, didn't see any when we moved in last year but there seem to be other smaller ones about the place too. Lucky indeed!

Absolutely beautiful.  Lookinf forward to seeing the poppies in my garden now.  They are not quite at the stage of yours yet

Spelling awful - I meant 'Looking'

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