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Just a small warning to people of something I spotted. On the BBC plant finder page for Lithodora diffusa 'Heavenly Blue", it says that it likes chalky and alkaline soils. 

This is not the case at all. It is ericaceous and will hate that type of soil. The leaves will probably yellow from chorosis. It also says it's tender when the RHS says it's H4 hardy. Then says "Skill level : Experienced", but that it's easy to grow.

I know it says it hasn't been updated for a while, but these facts should be right in the first place. This is why on only really trust the RHS website.

 (if you can't see the picture)





Absolutely true.  Agree with every word.  I grow this in pots of ericaceous soil....still in glorious flower after several weeks.  It's roots aren't too deep and it's not a hungry plant so plant it in a pot and plunge it in the garden

I found it to be more tolerant of lime than most other ericaceous plants though so pretty easy to grow and tend

Worth growing for its intense blue rivalling any other blue plant

Good warning IDGM


Well, that's a revelation! No wonder mine kept dying when I planted them in my border. Will try again with the right compost! Thanks IDGM and Verdun!

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