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For the past couple of seasons I have coveted "Wild Swan Anemone" from afar....actually very far as I am in Ontario Canada.

It will finally be available this season for me but I think I should be realistic and so I ask, given your gardening experience with this plant, is it as impressive as it is described i.e. a well behaved, compact 'continuous' blooming anemone. But I guess all of this is moot if it cannot survive my hardiness zone. I am in zone 5b. 

I look forward to hearing of your 'real world' experiences.

Hiya copper beech, I got my wild swan end last summer. It is a lovely plant. Nice foliage, pure white blue-backed flowers and it flowered until in Cornwall it's still pretty mild then. Right now the foliage is still to be seen, so nice n green. I'm hoping it doesn't have the wander.-lust tendencies of Japanese anemones but the word is its well behaved. This summer is the test I guess.....I'll know how long it flowers, when it flowers and it's behaviour. But, it's lovely to look at. Hope this is of some help to you

Thanks for the reply Verdun. 

Oh I was thinking that it might have been available for sale in English nurseries from maybe late 2011 so that one of you fine gardeners would have had it in the ground fall 2011, and so this would allow for one overwinter and then your WSwan would have had one  *complete* growing season i.e. 2012...enough time to show its stuff.

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