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These ones are outdoor ladies slipper. But I do have a beautiful sulphur yellow cymbidium and white phelonopsis for indoors. The outdoor ones are a bit of a new thing for me, so a bit nervous about not sending them to their doom.

Salino lots of yellow flowers at various times of year... I enjoy foliage too if spread around a bit... a variegated hedge would drive me nuts...    might get Cotinus 'Golden Spirit' later.... if anyone has this perhaps they could let me know how it's doing for them... looks nice...

star gaze lily

Just remembered for someone that doest like yellow flowers, lol, i've got st johns wort hedging to separate the veg plot of garden ooops.

You might like this one Salino......



To see some of my yellow flowers out now in my Golden Jubilee Garden go to 2014 thread on the Forum.  Thank you for all the ideas for the rest of the year.


Not very keen on yellow variegated leaves but lots of lovely yellow flowers that i like. Pineapple broom and Cephalaria gigantea are my favourites in my garden.


Busy Bee2

Freemontadendrons, where they are grown properly - classy and understated, but yellow!

Rose of Sharon, Evening primrose, welsh poppies, million bells (but these are lemon), rose, azalea anneke.

Steve 309

Just spent the afternoon digging out lesser celandine from a flower bed.  She'd left it coz of the pretty yellow flowers.  What with the bulbils an' all we've had to keep it out of the compost heap. 


..when is a plant not a weed...? when it's Ranunculus 'Brazen Hussy' I suppose.... can't bring myself to dig any of these up.... they'll be all over the neighbourhood

Forgot about the sternbergia lutea too.  They're lovely for autumn.

Steve 309
Salino wrote (see)

..when is a plant not a weed...?

When it's in the wrong place.  Or when it's an invasive plant out of its natural habitat...hmmm...see previous sentence

Steve 309

...or have I got that arsy-versy?   Afte a few glasses of wine I'm not sure

I love coreopsis the way they just keep flowering right through summer and that you can divide them so easy and they just take and keep flowering aslong as you dead head them.

Busy Bee2

Mike, if you are saying what I think you are, it is something that has occurred to me too.  In our garden, we kick off with the vibrant yellows and reds of tulips and daffs and the crocus, contrasted with purple crocus and aubretia.  The aubretia then leads us into a blue and red phase with the delphiniums and oriental poppies, but then we move towards purple pink and white - clematis, pinks, allium, honeysuckle, roses, etc.  And finally, a burst of yellow and orange in the autumn with rudbekia, crocosmia, coreopsis, orange dahlias.  I think some of these flowered late last year for us.  At the end of the year, the cosmos is usually big, and pink, and doesn't work so well with the yellows and oranges, so I am trying the T & M Brightness mix, which will avoid that yellow/pink combo that is not so great.


I've noticed that particulaly in my back garden, seems to be yellow around now, moving to purple then onto red. My other half was a little concerned early last summer when he thought we had moved into a purple garden so proceeded to go and buy some red day lillies to try and counter the whole purple thing, then within weeks it was red. He's given up trying to control it now, and me just popping things in willy-nilly probably doesn't help matters.

Spring is meant to be gaudy,,brash and in your face.  So,much yellow looks right and again in autumn.  Like a little more subtlety in summer.  One of my fav brooms, Lena, is loud with red and yellow soon and suits spring light.  

Orchid Lady

Tonight I have planted yellow Gladioli and red gladioli, alternating groups of 3 next to each other so I will see what the combination looks like 

Personally, Not keen on yellow in the garden in the summer as my garden is full of blues, purples, pinks and creams/whites.  However I do have some yellow in spring to brighten the place up in the form of a forsythia, couple of hellebores and soon to emerge aqueligias.  These are usually over by the time the pastel palette kicks in.

My mum has alot of yellow in her garden and it looks fab at this time of year along witht the emerging greens and varigated foliage.

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