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Hi all

I purchased a miniature rose a couple of years ago with beautiful yellow fragrant flowers (unsure of its name).  Last year due to the mild winter it never seemed to go dormant, and this year it has grown tall and leggy and looks a bit unsightly, does anyone know what I can do to get it to look more like it did.


Did you prune it in the spring?

Alina W

Did you buy it in a small plant pot (about 5"/13cm)? If so, you will find that your rose consists of three or four cuttings, which were brought on to flower whilst very small. The rose itself can be up to 18" tall naturally.

I pruned a little because buds formed throughout the winter so I cut them off but to be honest there wasn't much to prune as it was a lovely shape.  


Alina - Yes I did buy it in a small pot.  I am happy for it not to be a miniature I'm just unsure as to why all of the leaf and bud growth seems to be at the top of the plant and not near the bottom.

Alina W

When dead-heading it, cut down each stem to about 1/3 of its length, and see if that helps matters. It is possible that it's not a very compact rose, though - impossible to know its nature when you buy it.

Also, give it a feed or rose food to give it a boost, and keep it in a sunny position outdoors.


im just wondering could you plant these outdoors and will they stay as minitures or full size? i also bought two of these 

Alina W

You can plant them outdoors, but they will revert to their natural size within a year. The only way to guarantee a miniature rose is to buy a named miniature variety from a garden centre or nursery - the ones that you buy in supermarkets are really produced for the cut flower market, and intended to be thrown away once they've finished flowering.

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