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A few leaves started to yellow before i planted, thought it just needed out of it's pot.  It is planted in j I no 3 I did not have any grit so I used harling (for walls) which I washed well, If there had been no yellowing before I planted I would say it was the harling. What do you think is wrong with this plant.  many thanks.



Is it in a shady spot bluejan? They like sun. The harling shouldn't have made any difference as you say. Since you mention it was looking a bit yellow before you planted it, is there any sign of weevils or anything like that? 

Bluejan, it may have been overwatered before ??ou had it.  Dont water, keep in sun.  Can you return it to GC.?


As well as being overwatered,it could have been watered over the top rather than around the plant,agrre with Verdun,if you can return it ,I would.


it is in full sun. I could have overwatered it, and I use a sprinkler. there was no sign of yellow leaves when I bought it, i had it for a few weeks while i was getting border ready.


It also depends on variety.  Some of the bright pink ones.....names escape me for mo.....will not take much water at all





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