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I have a yew tree which badly needs cutting back due to its position in the garden.   Is there any reason  I shouldn't do it at this time of year?


Some times might be better than others but I've hacked at them at most times of the year without problems


Thanks, nutcutlet, that is just what I needed to hear.


Yew are very forgiving, and are one of the only conifers which grow bak from cutting into brown wood - go for it.  I usually have to do mine at the 'wrong' time as it can overgrow a path the kiddiwinkles go along on their way to school, and so it needs to be cut back away from them any time from now to June - it always smiles and gets on with it. 

Cut yes whenever you want to. Now, however, is perfect because new growth will be so much quicker.

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