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otnorot but just call me Bill

I am! About 10 years ago I started hybridizing Rudbeckia's with these.

And this is what I flnally got.


otnorot but just call me Bill

I contacted Thompson and Morgan showing them photos and they said "we have already developed those,I could have cryed.



otnorot, they are stunning. So what if T & M have already done it, that's their role, you've done it with patience and skill, be very proud of yourself and happy knowing you haven't mail ordered yours.


Clever guy. Nice. 

Dont worry about T & M.  What do they know?  

I like rudbeckias but grow only Goldsturn.  Who better to ask than you for your opinion on the best perennial varieties?

Bragging is always welcomed here


You got a garden joslow?  

otnorot but just call me Bill

Verdun better not ask me for advice as I'm a jack of all trades but master of none.I do like the Goldstum.


Gardening Grandma

Those are gorgeous- keep going, Bill. You may beat them yet! The next advance is always just around the corner.

Beautiful Bill, well done you.  I'm trying to encourage my grandchildren to get in the garden, slowly slowly catchee monkey!

well done, and you didnt have their budget, we a s a nation have always been at the forefront of invention...go for it..more to follow?

I doubt very much that Thompson and Morgan will have the same plants as you, they may have done the same crosses, but will not have exactly the same offspring,

Go ahead and get them bulked up, named, and market them, they are all beautiful cultivars of very gardenworthy plants, perfect for English summer gardens.

Actually Richard has a point.

I suggest you do exactly as he says. They're your own them and offer them to various nurserymen.  And carry on with your hybridising.  You've done fantastically well otnorot

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