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I"ve collected & sown various perennial seeds in trays.

I also have delphiniums & similar grown from seed this year still in pots on the outside table. I just couldn't face putting them in the borders so small to fend off all the hundreds of slugs & snails!  

I'm thinking of putting them in the unheated greenhouse now to over winter. They're getting so sodden all the time they don't look very healthy.  This will also give slug/snail protection. 

Good idea or bad?


Sounds like a great plan to me. I have done this before and found they  really struggled in pots when it rained non stop for 10 days.


Oh good. Thanks.

Then I can just give them the bare minimum of water, if & when they need it.

hollie hock

Lokelani- I know the dilemma and have been growing loads of perennials/biennuals  from seed. I still have loads outside on a table. I don't have a greenhouse but have two very successful coldframes.

I've come to my own conclusion on this- if your plants have a good healthy root system and are fairly large plants I would plant them out this month. For me there  is something uncomfortable about overwintering strong, large  perennial plants. My thinking is that should be in the ground developing a good healthy root system for next year. It does depend of course on how big your plants are and where you live.

I've planted out my T&M 36 perennials that I got in May and the slugs haven't touched them. Might have to keep an eye out when they start coming through next year

Although not a popular or pc choice- you could always do a one dose of slug pellets to protect them and allow the leaves to develop so that they feed the plant ready for next year.



My perennials grown from seed are huge healthy plants, is now (november) too late to plant out?  If I leave in cold frame, Which is packed!, do I need to close it down to protect from frost?

Lynne Cannell wrote (see)

My perennials grown from seed are huge healthy plants, is now (november) too late to plant out?  If I leave in cold frame, Which is packed!, do I need to close it down to protect from frost?

If the plants are big enough and have a big enough root-ball-then you will still get way with planting them now providing the ground is nor freezing or waterlogged

As regards the cold -frame- do not molly-coddle the plants only close it down if we have a prolonged cold spell- then you can always throw an old blanket over the top to give a bit more protection

flowering rose

word of warning,Snails and slugs live in the Greenhouses and you might want to protect them,even if its cold ,soon as it warms up they will be there!


I have had great success with Growing Success slug pellets, they are non poisonous to animals and birds.  I use them in the greenhouse in very small, but regular numbers and find they do the trick.  Must remember to keep them topped up though, they don't last as long as the poisonous sort.

Hiya Lynne, just be sure your perennials are hardy ones. You could "bury" them in their pots for the winter mounding soil around them and have fleece to,hand if necessary. I do this if I'm unsure exactly where I want to plant them at this time of the year and then plant out in spring.. Hardy perennials are better treated like this than in greenhouse, I think

They certainly won't want a heated greenhouse. My concern for this winter is the extreme wet we have already. Drowning and rotting will be a bigger problem than cold

april angliss

ive never grown delphiniums before my first time some seedlings died but i have about 7 in pots in green house,a few do not look strong enough to plant out now the winter is coming will they be ok in the green house till the spring?


They will be perfect in the greenhouse, in fact its so cold here tonight, OH suspected a frost.

Tomorrow I am collecting up mine and popping them in a plas

tic greenhouse, I can leave the zips open for air flow, but protected. Its a bit soon to be doing this, but the farmers are flat out getting grain in, they must know something!

april angliss

 way back in march i was just about to throw a pototoe in the bin when i stoped and stood there it wanted to live so i took it to my mums and planted it in the garden on wed we dug it up to find these my first time at growing potatoes im happy see what they taste like tomorrow to

april angliss

Thank you Lyn ill take a pic of the Delphiniums tomorrow



They look fine

Although I would remove all those weed seedlings as they are competing for moisture and nutrients from the soil 

april angliss

Ive repotted them today into bigger pots than the ones they were in there i was careful not to disturb the roots and just put garden soil into the bigger pots and then wet soil and gently tipped them out keeping the soil in pots and puting them into the bigger pots and then soil around them theres a foxglove in there somewhere i noticed that there seems to be two delphiniums that look diferent same delphinium leave but diferent vet they came from the one packet of seed white delphinium ?

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