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I am hoping to plant lots of sweet peas this year as I have a new garden to fill!  I want to know which varieties of Sweet Pea you would recommend - ones that are highly scented, floriferous and healthy growers.  I plan to plant some seeds and buy some plants (preferably those grown in root trainers.)


I love Matucana and Cupani, both very old varieties with scent and bi-coloured flowers

hollie hock

There's so much variety and I like most them. Usually grow cupani

Thanks to you lovely people who have replied 

But I had hoped for a bigger response, as sweet peas are grown by so many people!


Alina W

I like the "ripple" series from T&M - "blue ripple" is an extremely good grower, and "fragrant ripples" is a lovely blend of colours and very nicely scented.

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