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I decided to post separate threads for the different colours of clematis I'm looking for, so that I can compare them more easily, before going to the Harrogate Flower Show tomorrow.  Your suggestions will be invaluable, as will any photos you might have!  Thank you!


Again no photos - but diamantina is doing just as well as the pink one mentioned on the other thread !


Arabella - not self clinging so needs guiding round supports or can be allowed to scramble as ground cover.

Etoile Violette - - vigorous, hardy and flowers for months

Brunette - turned out not hardy enough for me but lovely

Fireworks - taking its time to establish in my garden but worth waiting for.

Jackmanii - common but a good doer

Pagoda - more subtle

Purpurea plena Elegans - smaller fussy flowers but hardy and lasts well

Star of India - luscious velvety flowers

The preisdent - another common one but a good doer

Rahvarinne luscious paired with Nelly Moser

The Vagabond - 

Venosa Violacea - not hardy enough for my garden but worth trying


Rouge Cardinal and Etoile Violette.

I had one called 'Romantica' (I think!) for a short while but I'd only just put it in when I moved-should have taken it with me. Very very dark purple. Have never seen it again sadly.


^I like a lot of those already mentioned.  I'm not sure if this one is purple, dark pink, maroon, or red, it seems to vary.. starting off towards the red end I think...

'Mme Julia Correvon'.. a viticella...



Gardening Grandma

Madame JC is my favourite clematis, though I'd call it red. It is tough, beautiful and vigorous.

Thanks for all your help guys, especially obelixx!


HappyCT- Just looked up the clematis I mentioned-it's 'Romantika' and you can get it from Taylors Clematis. It's rather lovely! A blue purple and very dark. 

Another one for my own list!!


I have a president which has lovely flowers.

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