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A separate thread for this one - same information as before!

Sorry, this should have read: Am off to the Harrogate Flower Show tomorrow and need your experience to help me decide what to buy - photos would be a bonus!  Thanks.


What sort of clematis do you like?  There are so many types - alpina, large flowered, herbaceous, evergreen .... and different flowering times 


Haven't got any photos, but Abilene does well for me in a pot, and Josephine is going mad over my trellis - and flowers all summer long.  Have fun at Harrogate !

Lavender Lady

I have a beautiful dusky pink one called Josephine. It has double flowers and is beautiful.  Flowers around May June time and again around September.  One of my favourites.



..this is a close up of Clematis texensis 'Princess Diana', it's quite floriforous when you get it going, which can be difficult I have found...



Use the website I've indicated on teh other threads and put pink in the tepal box on the search form.

I have Princess Diana and like many clems she tooka a couple of eyars to settle down but isnow very vigorous and has masses of flowers.   Alionushka is pretty but less vigorous - 

Cicciolina is tough and has rather small flowers produced in profusion -

Dr Ruppel is gorgeous but struggles with my winters -

Hagley Hybrid is common and a bit mauvey but has lovely dark antehrs and is a good doer -

hendryetta is a delicate flower and non clinging so needs training and tying in - 

I love Markham's Pink but it didn't like my winters - 

Omoshiro looks fab planted with a deeper pinky red clem such as Mme Julia Correvon or Niobe or Warsaw Nike -




I have to have Cicciolina - it is adorable 

Some gorgeous ones here! It's wonderful to have such helpful feedback!  


There are also scented clematis you could consider.  Thevergreen armandii types are a too wussy to survive for me but I have these doing well -

Betty Corning -

clematis x triternata 'rubromarginata' -

and Flammula - 

They are all scrambled up trees.  The last two have tiny flowers but lots of them.

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