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Hi, my lovely old yucca plant has grown sidewards and i was wondering if i could cut it from the bottom of the trunk and replant it into the same pot? if so then can anyone advise me on how to do it please as i am a bit of a novice and do not wan't to kill my unhappy yucca.


Many thanks



I'm afraid that both those stems look too mature to use as cuttings, but if it ever grows some little sideshoots from the base you can use them as cuttings..  I think it's grown long and lanky because it needs much more direct light rather than the filtered light it is getting - yucca's need as much sunlight as they can get and prefer to be outside in the summer - although if you take it outside this weather do it for a little while at a time to start with as the leaves will not be used to the sunlight and may scorch.

I think I'd try taking it out of the pot, turning the rootball on its side a bit so the stems are more vertical and potting it up like that - and when you put it in the pot put a sturdy cane in there to tie the stems to as they don't look strong enough to support the the weight of the foliage.

I would use John Innes No 2 compost, with the addition of about a quarter as much horticultural grit.  Tease the roots out a bit to get rid of some of the old compost, and pot it up  firmly - you might need a bigger pot too.

As I said, lots of bright light, and not much water.

Good luck 

Dovefromabove, many thanks for your detailed answer, i shall follow all of your advice, it is a real shame that i cannot chop and re-plant as the yucca is in such an awkward position, i may try and find it a good new home where there is a lot more sun light, maybe somebody with a nice bright conservatory, but i will re-pot it etc first.

Thanks again



If you do get it adopted, if you like sculptural houseplants, you might find that a Monstera deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant) to your liking, or a Rubber plant (Ficus elastica) - both do well in filtered daylight.  Or even that much neglected Victorian favourite, the Aspidstra 

The Monstera will need a moss pole (available from most florists) to climb up.


Awww great stufff Dove, i may opt for a cheese plant but will also look into the others mentioned and see which plant i fancy the most and what will look the nicest in my room. 

Thanks again for taking the time out to help me Dove, much appreciated. 




I would  open the blind, for the plant to see day light once in a while!

Be brave and chop it off about 9'' from base then9'' below leaves.

Repot in good compost with the tops too! water and pray!! discard the middle stem. 

I have done this with the Dragon tree and another large leaved plant it worked!

The stem made shoots and the top rooted.

                         ( If you get a fern plant they dont mind  low light levels.)

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This cheeky sod is posting his advertising on every thread! Have reported all of them.

Thanks Patty3, im not sure if im brave or experienced enough to do that but i will consult in my green fingered father when i eventually see him and will see if he agree's with you or if i should just have yucca adopted.

Thanks again


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