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this year i got rid of my yucca plant replaceed it with  a lilac primrose and cape daisy and pensinmums plus others, what has come up and taken over a bit is borage,throgh has protected some of the  plants i planted iam slowly reduing the borage.


Are you sure it is borage and not alknet? Borage is not difficult to get rid of but alknet definitely is!

it is borage but has self seed it self ,ibeen digging up ground elder as well


Ooh ground elder that takes a lot of perserverence - good luck!

this year is really bad,this autumn i'm going to tackle more when the perinals finish and have a clear run what do you think?


Can you take out plants and turn over ground again? Is it big area? Over the winter thorough digging and clearing could enable you to plan new scheme?

i like to but i have tomany plants and bulbs in that area trying to radicate as planting is change when perrenials die back


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