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I've been given 3 bulbs and would iike to grow them in a pot 16in dia.- will the pot take all three?  I have no instructions on planting depth/distance apart.  Can I leave them in the pot from year to year?   Your advice, please

Many thanks

Gary Hobson

That's plenty big enough. I'd plut them in an equal triangle, about 6 inches apart, and just beneath the surface.

Bear in mind that these plants are not fully hardy. The leaves are easily damaged by frost.

Here's one in a pot that spent the Winter in a cold greenhouse. It's not very happy, but will recover. If the temperatures are severe for long enough, then the root will be killed too...

This one spent the Winter in an unheated room in the house. He's much happier, even if he is a bit pale through lack of light...

(Both snaps taken today).



Lyon Greene - thank you so much for your reply and for the photos; I'll go ahead with the planting, do you recommend feed of any sort to be added to the compost? The pot will be placed in full sun during the growing season and can be moved under cover during the colder months (don't have a greenhouse but have shed/garage)?

Thanks once again.


Gary Hobson

They do benefit from a rich feed. Any general purpose fertiiser will be OK.

Storing in a shed/garage would be fine.

A 16" pot full of damp compost will be very heavy. I'd put the pot in place first, and then fill it. Moving it inside will be a struggle. You may need to pull it along the ground.


Thank you again, Lyon Greene. Have loads of Growmore so will include some with the compost - as far as moving the container is concerned, know a man with a sack truck!

I appreciate your help with my first attempt at growing these elegant flowers.


Mine have survived in the garden for years. The clump has got bigger. Sunny sheltered spot. 



I struggled in the past to successfully grow these but, now that I have read all your comments I understand why and will try gain as they are beautiful plants.

I have grown mine in the pool margins.
Usually down here the arum lily.....we Cornish got no time for posh names!......retains its leaves over winter.
In a pot it will need rich soil and won't like drying out....I place pot on saucer.
For me it will grow in shade or sun but I guess frost is its biggest enemy.
Maybe pot on and protect in greenhouse but feed well and water well

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