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this has flowered and started to die back

is this the end of it for this year?

what should i do to it now?

can i take a cutting and wheres the best place to take it from?

iv just looked at there wedsite geeee wizzzzz there ecpensive to join!!!!



aren't they just shelley. I was a member for a year as a gift but that was it


I'm a member but grumble about the cost every year 

These arum lilies are easy to grow......bit shade and moist soil is best.  I have even grown them in the pool.  They will grow in sun but then require more moisture

Here they are hardy so maybe you could throw a fleece over them in cold of winter.

They are easy to split.....I just dig them up and pull apart or chop/slice off and plant ASAP.

They might flower again this year...*its been such an odd season so who knows?  Cut off flowered stems and remove any yellowed or dead leaves.  Tidy it up.  Feed. Water. 

These plants are best in shade.....they light up dark corners.  Plant with lobelias like queen Victoria for wonderful foliage and flower contrast and they like exactly the same comditions

Oh, Shelley, yes you can move this plant

yes if it was half the price it would be fairer, i think,  id never pay it,,  lifetime membership £1000 OMG shocking,

it cost enough having a garden anyway!!!   iv gone from a small yard with a few pots to a 90ft garden,,

that needs alot of TLC,  so iv got enough expence already


Couldn't afford a lifetime membership - if I had £1000 spare I'd find something else to spend it on rather than the RHS.....


RHS membership is £52 for year.  That includes free admission to all RHS gardens with a guest. Free admission for members to many other gardens.

The chance to have 20 packets of seeds from the seed list each year (some rare stuff) for Post and packing.

A magazine every month, with in depth articles.

Also I have  had other  free seeds from them.

hiya sara, SORRY!!! i am chatting to everyone one,  yes i can ramble on abit sometimes SORRY again,,   yes RHS is £1000 but its a lifetime, hope whoever buys it lives a long healthy life to get their moneys worth,,

that sounds fair enough but £52 would go along way in my garden at the moment as iv so much that needs doing,   maybe when iv got most of it done i might subscribe to RHS,

thank you to all who have replyed

Last year I bought an Arum Lily at the back end of summer from Morrisons supermarket . I got a few odd looks as there were hardly any leaves, but loads of what I assumed were seed s . I only paid £1-50 for it . My husband didnt bat an eyelid - he knows what I'm like for taking chances . Anyway I cut all the lank stems and seed heads off . I left them to dry . $ weeks later I planted them in a gritty compost , watered well and left them under the green house shading . This year the small plants have been coming up for the last 3 months . I have potted them on they are making fine plants and good roots . I shall leave them in the greenhouse untill June next year and pot them on other than that , play it by ear. If you have patience it is intresting this way .Up to now I have 50 young plants and they are still popping up so it could well be 60plus. not bad for what some would say a dead plant!



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