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hi, i would like help and advice on what to do next with two issues.  First issue is, i bought a small bare rooted ( its roots are in a plastic bag ) apple tree ( i think it called a whip) .  At the moment it in my utility room waiting for me to plant it,  but i am not sure what to do next,  do i plant it in a pot or plant it in the ground.  There appear to be young leaves growing already. You can tell that i am a novice gardener but i am willing to learn.  

Our neighbour at the bottom of our garden is putting a pitched roof on top of his garage  to create a bedroom. Also their kitchen window looks into our garden so my second issue is, what sort of hedging to plant ,I would like a fast growing and dense and also bird friendly. I would  really appreciate all the help i can get.  


On the apple tree-without knowing the type or variety it is difficult to say-but assuming at present it is just a small specimen-plant in a pot-you can always plant in the garden at a future point

But it does need to be outside


Laurel is fast growing and dense, but you have to like what you plant. I like it, some don't.  is a site with a lot of information and photos. Birds like pyracantha, but it's very prickly, they like cotoneaster too.

The apple tree is a cox's orange pippin. The roots are in a plastic bag. Do i need to put anything in the soil when i plant it in a pot , also do i need to place the apple tree in a sheltered spot in the garden. Thanks sotongeoff for your advice.


Get some decent compost-John Innes potting compost for a permanent planting is advised-it wont need feeding for a while-put it some where sheltered in the short term to get established and if it gets bitterly cold as forecast.



To add to Sotongeoff's post above, can I suggest John Innes No 3 for your apple tree.

hi,  now i can plant my apple tree using the right compost thanks to sotongeoff and dovefromabove.  Thanks Busy-Lizzie for Hedgesdirect Link,  i have chosen Laurel for my new hedge.


What an incredibe list on that site.

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