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Hi Everyone - my first post so hope I am on the right thread!  I have a large terracotta container (22"wide x18" deep) which stands next to the house and faces south. Can anyone suggest a shrub or small tree that would have year round interest - if it had flowers/blossom that would be great.

Hiya madcatjo,

Choisya ...Mexican orange an evergreen comact shrub with bay.scented leaves and wonderful rich fragrance in spring and early summer.  Easily,pruned to nice round shape.  There is also a yellow foliage variety called Sundance

Camelias, azaleas, rhododendrons, and pieris are good container plants if the site is not too,hot.

Convolvulous cneorum is a  velvety silvery foliaged shrub with white flowers in summer.  

Rosemary  Benedon blue is lovely bright blue flowering variety.  Nice by front door

Not flowering but varieties of Phormiums make good container plants.....come in a range of red, pink, yellow leaves


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