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Could anyone help me identify this please? We are planting a native hedge an this is in the way dont know if i need to dig it out or not.


Looks a bit like honysuckle

Thank you so much iv looked it up on google an it does look like its a honeysuckle. 


Hope you are going to keep it then


Yes we will be keeping the honeysuckle.

 Can anyone tell me what this is please?

 an why on one side most of the leaves have dried up?


It looks like! privet is it in a hedgerow?


As for the dried bit the roots may have been damaged on that side.

Don't think it's privet, leaves aren't as big and it loses them in winter, it is in a hedge but it's spreading over the garden.

 This is another photo of it if its any better thanks.


Are the leaves like these?  if so it may be mock orange (philladelphus)

<img src="" alt="PHILADELPHUS CORONARIUS (Mock Orange)" />

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