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Gardening Grandma

Back to roses. Are indoor roses worth it, I wonder? Perhaps I'm jaundiced by the difficulty of growing roses here, but I bought an outdoor ground-cover rose which is struggling and indoor roses which, after being initially lovely, have proven to be very immature and have needed a lot of patience.


Thanks to the wonderful advice off this site and you great gardeners, I now have two of the biggest (minature) rose flowers I have ever seen!

Thank you all, and have a wonderful summer!

Phil x

I too bought mini roses from Morrisons and they stayed dinky but I have also been given mini roses for mothers day etc. which were anything but after I planted them out.  They turned into thumping big things which succumbed to every disease going. 

Does anybody have any advice as to where you can purchase Balance PH Wettable Sulphur and  Balance PH Sulphur Chips for preventing black spot on roses


Tricia, you will have more chance of a response if you start a new thread.


  • Wettable Sulphur 250g, year's supply for 20 roses, £9. Sulphur Chips, 500g, £9. For details, contact Greenacres Horticultural Supplies, PO Box 1228, Iver, Bucks SLO 0EH.
  • Thanks to the Daily Telegraph!


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