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You are quite right Mike. I am learning how to manage pots on a covered balcony so no natural water. Some of my pots are quite deep and it is heard to know if they really need watering, the soil can appear very dry on the surface and when just poking my finger in. Some pots which I decided to redo to improve the water retention were actually quite waterlogged at the bottom - so my problem was the opposite of what I thought.

I have bought myself a small moisture probe which I can push into the pot and it tells me how moist or dry the compost is - a godsend , only cost ??7.99 ( does ph too). I now water about once a week even those pots which are in full sun.
Why pay for a moisture probe when you have got Mike's clever tip. (Not that I'm a tight b*****r)
I hadn't got the tip then : )
I've had a moisture probe for years now and find it particularly useful as I have clematis in pots and found difficult to judge how much water they needed. Same for a potted acer. Not a ph tester too though - that is really useful.
Thanks for the tip, Mike.


Thank you Mike, I will try that in more open ground for the newly planted dogwood.

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