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I have an Acer tree in a pot and these last few day's the leaves have shrivelled up and fell off the tree can anyone tell me what they think the cause is. Thanks.


Gary Hobson

Acer leaves shrivelling is often a sign of dehydration, lack of water.

That can be made worse by hot weather, and also by wind exposure, which causes the leaves to loose water more rapidly.

If the leaves have just shrivelled, and not actually dropped off, you can often reinflate them just by giving the plant a good drink.

There could be other, different, causes.

Alina W

It could also be a problem at the roots if none of Gary's suggestions apply - check for vine weevil in the pot, white C-shaped grubs with a dark head.


Thank you for your replies, I do water it every evening, it isn't exposed to the wind very much and I will look for those grubs. Tree does seem quite compacted tho could be that. Thanks again.




I do just wonder if watering it every evening is beeing over kind?  My several acers, whih have been in pots for up to 20 years, never get watered, (excepting in the first year after potting up, and then not that often) except by rain, unless there has been none for over a month - possibly the roots would like a bit of air rather than water? 



Thanks for that, was going to put it in a bigger pot in the autumn, I only use rain water out of the butts.

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