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I have an acer which is about 9ft high, a lovely tree/shrub with a nice shape. My problem is that it overhangs my neighbour garden. Does anyone know if I can trim it or move it to a more suitable place and if so how can I do it.

Thanks in advance.




hilary, I'm no tree expert, but I think Acers won't respond well to being moved and not one that size. You can trim/ prune them but I think at only at certain times of the year. I'm sure someone else will answer your thread.

Does your neighbour mind it overhanging? they might like it.

No, you can't move that safely.

Although many say you shouldn't trim acers I do.  Every spring I prune back to encourage density and I have a very compact attractive shrub

I agree with KEF, your neighbour might like your Acer overhanging his ground.  Ask him

Sorry not to have been on for a while. Thanks for your replies, just as I thought really. My neighbour hasn't said anything, it doesn't shade her garden so I think I will do as you suggest and ask.

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