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Hi,can anyone help? I have an acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum' in a large pot. I have had it for several years and it has been steadly growing well.  However, there seems to be a problem this spring, the new leaves seem to be well grown and plentifull but they do not seem to be unfurling properly and seem quite limp.  I have not treat it any differently, can anyone give any suggestions or advice?


Hi Mary P

With the funny weather we are having this spring my acers are also taking a while to get going. Some have been through the stage you describe (leaves half unfurled and hanging down) but eventually picked up and now look fine.  I think it is because we get a couple of nice days then back to freezing again - so they start to develop and then get checked for a bit.  I would wait another couple of weeks before worrying that anything is wrong.  Good luck 

Mary poppins

Yes I think it's just the weird weather.  Usually at this time the nights are warmer but this year they are so cold.  The sun right now is strong so there is a wide variation in temperature....not suitable for Acer foliage

When the temps stabilise your Acer should recover

Oops,  rather as chicky has said.  At least we agree chicky!

Thanks Chicky and Verdun, I will sit tight for a while.  I feel better knowing other acers have been the same and recovered, fingers crossed!


Thanks again



Mine is exactly the same - just make sure it has enough water and it will be fine.


Hi, just an update, I sat tight with my acer as you all advised and it is alive and well.  It  actually looks better than ever, really full leaves, a complete transformation.  Thanks again, I was on the verge of giving up.

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