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Hi, I seem to have developed a white mould like growth on the base of two of my Acer trees, they both grow in pots and are well established. Does anyone know if this is harmful? I would hate to lose them. Thanks


You sure it's mould and not scale insect - my mature acers suffer from this invasion. I wash them off with cotton wool and water.

My acer was doing very well indeed. Then i left it in the convervatory where a month back it seemed to love..and now..with a weeks heat..the leaves literally are burnt - white. Have planted it out into the garden and hope for the best. All white/black leaves.

We have just moved here and the acer was in lovely condition last year, it is a very mature acer and a full grown tree in the front garden. This year the leaves are arriving looking really weird. it is not dead, but I don`t know how they are supposed to look when just coming into season. Mine are looking like withered drooping leaves and do not look like I would imagine them to look. Can any one help as to wether this normal or mot certainly not right.I wil be so upset if it has developed some sort of blight.

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