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Jean Genie

I re- potted my japanese maple in April and think I damaged the tap root . All the new growth shrivelled and later some of the smaller branches looked dead . I was advised to prune these off so I have and now it looks really sorry for itself . It's not in wind sun etc. and I used the correct potting mix and given it a weak feed. I'm gutted It's my favourite little tree. Cost me 50p in a sale when it was a twig and it' about 2 ft had it 6 years . Think it's a acer palmatum bloodgood. Any advice ?

Thanks, Jean.

Alina W

Be patient, it may yet recover. Don't overwater it now that it's not losing moisture through leaves and keep it in a sheltered position. It may not produce more leaves until next spring.

Jean Genie

An update on this post from last year. Still no buds or signs of life but the bark is still green. How much longer should I give it to recover or is it dying ?

Thanks, Jean.


green bark is surely a good sign.  My healthy acers are only beginning to break their buds now, so I would give this one at least another couple of months.


Jean Genie

Thanks. Chicky  Going to give it another month or so. It's just that I noticed my Orange Dream has lots of buds on it . Maybe this one will take longer as it was sick.

Hope so, don't want to lose it.

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