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Jean Genie

No. Brumbull - none anywhere but some of the branches are green when I scraped them today.

I think it's had it.


@Jean Genie - the soil looks pretty damp, they need soil on the dryish side until the leaves emerge. Your Acer looks like it has been pruned as there are no natural branch tips, just pruned end points. It does not look good though it may come back in summer but I think it will not going by previous experience.

Jean Genie

Blairs , I've kept it on the dry side but gave it a week feed just before I took the photo.  I removed some of the dead tips last year - they also got damaged during re-potting .

Had a hell of a job getting it out of the wooden container as it had split and the roots had embedded themselves in the splits. Lesson learned there.

Think I'll give it another month and if there are are no buds , it'll have to go.

Shame , I've known that acer since it was a twig.

Thank you all for trying to help.


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