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Robert Richards


I have just bought a Japanese Acer " Bloodgood" Can anyone tell me if it is okay to repot it into a larger pot now, or should I wait until Later. Also I have an Osakasuki acer, but the leaves did not turn scarlet last Autumn, can anyone enlighten me. Would appreciate any feedback.

Alina W

Yes, you can re-pot it now if it needs it, it'll do it good.

As for the second acer - it may have been hungry, so make sure that it gets a good nitrogen-rich feed this year.

The other possibility may have been that it didn't get enough light for some reason - has something grown enough to cast a very heavy shadow on it, perhaps?

Robert Richards

Thank you for your reply. I shall go ahead and re-pot, I didn't want to kill it as they are soooo expesive. The other Acer is in the shadow of the house most of the day,as I was told they do not like much sun.

Alina W

They don't like strong sunlight - dappled shade is best - but they do need some light for good colour. Perhaps you could move it to where it gets the evening light, say 6 o'clock onwards, and see if that colours it up?


All my acers receive direct sunlight between 1 - 5pm, and non of them have made any complaints about this.



Robert Richards

Thanks for your comments, I will see what happens this Autumn and take it from there.

my acers havent had so many leaves on them this year. any one know why

Hi, Can anyone tell me if I need to do anything special when I plant my new Acer  ie special type of peat etc?
Many thanks



No, multi-purpose is fine.  Pot away and admire its beauty.

Go for it Brumbull! I have sangho kaki and it really is a stunning tree! Planted mine about 5 years ago and has grown to c.6ft tall (was about 15" when bought). The leaf colour goes from a green to yellow/orange in Autumn.

I also have Osakozuki of similar size and am contemplating adding a Bloodgold too. I have a bit of a thing for Acers and have a newly purchased Acer Griseum to plant this very afternoon. It's the one with the peeling bark that they had on GW a week or two ago!

I haven't conditioned my soil specifically for the Acers, however, I have read that they benefit from acidic soil and so once a year I do mulch with ericaceous compost!

IIRC growing in pots requires more care than directly into the ground especially with regard to feeding,

Enjoy your tree Robert!!!

Reds Adam
Brumbull is buying everything.....
Brumbull......relax....tell me your credit card number
.........Tell me now,
Not best place down here for those wonderful acers
Love Aureum and it called Orange dream?
Grown well all of them are superb
JH Robert R keep an eye on Wilco,s they have been selling Acers for about ??10 lately and im told by the forum they are ok
Jean Genie

This is my 50p bargain Acer Orange Dream from Wilko's. I haggled with them because it didn't have any leaves and they didn't know it was deciduous !

 On the subject of Acers, I tried to link my post from last year on here but the site wouldn't let me. I damaged the roots last year of my Palmatum and was advised to leave it until this year to see if it would recover. Just been checking it and it still looks poorly . To be honest I thought it was dead but some of the bark is still green . There's no sign of any buds and some of the branches have gone very pale and white-ish, Should I leave it a bit longer or have I lost it ?




Brum- just a month??



JG - love your bargain !  I have an Orange Dream which is currently only about a foot tall - can't wait for it to look like that one !

Jean Genie

Ok , Brumbull - will do that. How long should I leave it for ?

Chicky - I am always haggling in Wilko's . They haven't got a clue.


Made me smile - getting a discount coz it had no leaves !


Acer bloodgood actually prefer full sun. They do not need acidic soil, a mulch of leaf mould is all that is needed - and keeping the soil moist if in a pot. Like all Japanese maples thet hate strong wind and need to be kept out of it.

Jean Genie

Ok. Took some pics of my poor little acer. Here goes.


So just cut the dead wood out ? See . it looks really sick.