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the 4year old grape vine on our west facing wall is weeping profusely at the end of the stem,the other pruned stems have more or less stopped,why is this?will it stop soon? is there something i should be doing? thanks!


When did you prune them?  It sounds as if the sap was already rising - there's not a lot you can do - application of wound paints used to be recommended but they've been found to promote fungal disease so not recommended now.  

I think that if the other stems have stopped weeping then that one will soon stop - it shouldn't cause a big problem.

pruned in autumn,after leaves have fallen.Is that the wrong time?




Nope, that sounds right to me - weeping does sometimes happen in the spring even that long after pruning, but I've not known it go on for very long.  Don't know why yours is doing it but I think it will stop soon as the other branches have stopped. 

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